Event Review Kashish 2010: A Queer Experience


I have never been a fan of film festivals. I find them overcrowded and overrated. But I was willing to make an exception for ‘Kashish’ – I am willing to make an exception for anything queer.

Even as I took my delegate card and walked through the security on the first day of ‘Kashish – Mumbai’s first international queer festival’ I was a little skeptical about the kind of films awaiting me. I am an ordinary film watcher. Give me some mush, love stories, happy endings and I’m content. Add some dyke drama or lesbian love stories to this package and you might just have a new fan.

Day 1: I walked in when ‘Engaying Lives’ was being showcased. Watching out and proud gay men – many of whom are friends and acquaintances – tell their stories to the world just made me immensely happy and proud. There were packages of short films after that but the highlight was ‘Speak Up’ a film on child sexual abuse.

Day 2: There was a package of short lesbian films on the second day which was a laugh riot. It was worth every minute of commute to a place distant from my office and home. There were films on transsexuals, cross dressers, drag kings and nearly every issue pertaining to the LGBT community.

Sadly, due to other commitments I could not attend the third and fourth day of the festival.

Overall, the experience was fun, entertaining and had something for everybody. In the coming years it only stands to gets bigger, better and queerer.

Rating: 8/10

[Picture Source : Kashish Picasa Group]

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