Event Review : The Amazing Q Hunt (Mumbai Pride 2013)

“Burbie prince calls you to the Garden of Cypress”. That was the first clue of the Amazing Q Hunt organized by Sushil, Arayan and Arjun as part of pride festivities. The hunt was simply amazing. Out in the sun after a long time, we did crack interesting clues like the first one. We ran, made cow dung cakes, discovered new localities, conversed with several unknown faces, had neem/karela juices, took a joy ride in the sea, found interesting straws and glasses (oh chilled glasses, we almost lost the hunt), photographed ourselves with a missing horse, landmark art galleries, libraries. The best part was selling balloons to three different sets of persons.

My favourite was the last couple to whom I explained pride festivities, the pride march, meaning of LGBT & ‘Q’ in Q hunt while selling two balloons. Oh man I did it! My first pride sale. Then we were sent to ‘ashes of dreams’ to calculate our savings.


Finally we reached the last destination and were offered hot green chillies. Dear organizers, chillies were much better than the dhoklas you made us to eat in the morning. Yep we had a rocking time. QueerAdda please don’t wait for pride festivities for this amazing hunt. At least you could consider making it a quarterly feature. It was a memorable hunt, hunted with lovely friends, bonded well with competitors.Sushil, Arayan, Nitin, Arjun, Ankit, Mihir, Samir and team! Keep it up. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats to winners, but yeah next time clear the podium for us.

Key takeaways from the Q Hunt

1) Do not be farsighted. Look for things, places and of course love nearby.

2) When caught in a `No’ Zone, fake that you are from Dubai! No, not to the police but ever willing businessmen/sellers or tell them how you may miss your next flight

3) When you need to beat a long queue, emote how your love was left inside without a mobile

4) And yeah start running, or you may have already lost….
The participants had a good time. When’s your turn?

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