Exploring Intimacy – Workshop

We’re conditioned to believe in certain kinds of relationships and normalise certain kinds of feelings. But the spectrum of our feelings and desires goes way beyond the expectations of society.

In this workshop, we will attempt to understand what intimacy can mean and how it impacts our interpersonal relationships so that we can use that knowledge to nurture more fulfilling connections that are free of the shame, guilt or resentment that can result from being forced to confirm to normative ideas of relationships. By using a mix of activities, anecdotes and conversations we will try and understand interpersonal relationships that are defined by our own desires and experiences as opposed to the norms imposed by society.

Join us as we collectively unravel and recreate what intimacy means and can mean for each of us.


Date: Sunday, 21th April 2019

Time: 1.30PM-3.30PM

Venue Partner: Levi’s Lounge, Lower Parel.

Entry Free: Please RSVP via Instamojo Link (https://imojo.in/rolintimacy) OR by emailing us at gaysifamily@gmail.com. Limited Spots.

Community Partner: Levi’s Lounge

Poster Artwork: By Sonali Khanna

Please know that this event is a sacred space – and we would all (including you) make it safe enough to talk, share, try new things, push our boundaries, and learn!

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