Extremely Queerious Poetry Slam


Bring Back The Poets brings to QUEER Poetry Slam 2.

We invite anybody who queerly wants to talk poetry – to come and share their stories with us. With each new word, let’s walk through this life: chin up, spirits high, feet facing forward.

IMPORTANT: This is a safe space, where media persons will not be allowed. You don’t need to necessarily identify as LGBTIQAP to perform here. Those uncomfortable with performing can send us videos, audios and the text of their poems at bringbackthepoets@gmail.com

Date: Saturday, 25th April
Time: 5:30 PM
Entry: Minimum donation of Rs100

– Registration required
– The performer of the poem must always be its author
– Memorizing your poem recommended
– 5 minutes stage-time, max
– Any language
– Relax, don’t be nervous
– Misogynist, homophobic, racist people not allowed
– No media

[PS: This is not just a poetry reading group. Slams are theatrical events and not listening booths, and what proves compelling to audiences is that such events performatively embody the poem and the poet. We’ll not get into what a slam poem is, as it is defined less by what it should be than by what it wishes to achieve or affect.]


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