Fear In, Fear Out: An Interactive Zine-Making Workshop

Artwork by Sana Bansal

Fear is fun – maybe it isn’t for all of us, but talking about and bonding in a space while we try to explore fear can be!

On the 16th of November, Gaysi Family brings to you a day of exploration and creation with a unique zine-making workshop and discussion around a theme we love (and can’t stop obsessively about) since our horror zine, Normal. The theme, Fear, divides people. Either you’re like us – booking first tickets to the first show to every film that can keep us awake and away from our bathroom trips at night, or you put on headphones at the mention of regional horror movie songs cue Chandramukhi; there’s almost no in-between. Fear In, Fear Out, however, is an event designed for everyone. Join us, as we try and understand how and why fear plays a role in our lives, the thoughts that surround this profound emotion, and the varied narratives around it. We’ll then take all these thoughts and pour them into an interactive zine (and take it home)!

Between all the talking and discussing and creating and artsy-ing, one thing is for sure: it will get your adrenaline pumping!

Breakup of the session is follows:

  1. Understanding “fear” [45 minutes]
    This segment will focus on problematizing and deconstructing the concept of fear through a series of brainstorming activities and exercises. The purpose of this segment is to enable participants to think carefully about the concept of fear and to rethink how it applies to their lives.
  2. Channeling “fear” [45 minutes]
    This segment will focus on modes of representing and channeling fear through a series of examples drawn from the Gaysi Horror Zine “NORMAL”. The purpose of this segment is to enable participants to start thinking about the possible ways of visualising, articulating, and working with their fears.
  3. Collaborative Zine-Making Workshop [180 minutes or 3 hours]
    This final segment will involve participants getting their hands dirty and creating a zine based on their fears and/ways of combating these.
    To make things interesting, every participant will only make their zine until the halfway point. The zines-in-progress will be redistributed at random and will then be completed by another participant. This is to allow participants to look at their fears and those of others through new and fresh perspectives.

So, are you ready to ride on the fear roller-coaster?

Book your FREE spots to Fear In Fear Out, your final destination, MWAHAAH by filling this form OR sending an email to gaysifamily@gmail.com.

Date: Saturday, 16th November 2019

Time: 1pm-5.30pm

Venue Partner: Levi’s Lounge, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

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