Film Review Dostana: Bring On The Caricatures

If this is the kind of sense of humor coupled with sensitivity Karan Johar and his Dostana team were talking about before the release (the NDTV interview more precisely) – I am grateful to the almighty for not making him a lesbian. Jokes apart.

Agreed I do crib over the lack of ‘lesbian’ references in Bollywood movies. But honestly I rather have it out of the picture than being made the butt of every joke. And I am not even talking about the exaggerated portrayal of "gay characteristic" in the film (it was somewhat expected).

The only reason the gay-sub plot exists is to enhance the entertaining factor of Dostana. After all without it, it would be end up being just another done to death threesome. So the producers decided to throw in a few laughs at the expense of homosexual men…all in the name of “comedy”…after all box-office ka sawal hai.

But what I found to be most distasteful was the entire coming-out episode played between Abhishak Bachchan’s character and his on-screen mother Kiran Kher. If not the entire film at least one would have expected a situation such as this to be handled with certain amount of seriousness. The mocking manner in which it has been portrayed, by the time the mother finally does accept her son’s gay-ness, the audience has laughed their arse off. For someone like me (and countless others) who is still very much in the closet when it comes to family, this isn’t amusing.

And so with Dostana we have another bunch of mainstream stars doing exactly the same – popularizing stereotypical gay propaganda – only difference, they have taken it a notch higher.

Mind you, I too have a sense of humor but to me it looks like Karan Johar has lost his somewhere in SRK’s behind.

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