Film Review Fashion: Fashionably Gay (Not)

Okay so I had to write on this. I mean how couldn’t I? After all the topic (which seems to be creating a lot of buzz) at hand is about my types…my people…my community. Yes yes, I know I can be very territorial at times.

So here I go…

Film Fashion released the previous week. And practically everyone I know has been talking about it ever since. Forget the offline world, even online the film seems to be a popular blog post topic. Some liked it and some found it to be below average. However I found one common thread in all the reviews, thoughts, takes…whatever…and that is Madhur Bhandarkar’s not so accurate depiction of homosexuality in the glamour industry.

  • All male fashion designers are homosexuals
  • All gay men flip flop their limbs as if their body parts were held together by an elastic cord
  • All gay men secretly desire to be woman
  • All gay men think of bonking every Tom, Dick and Harry that crosses their path
  • Lesbians,huh…what’s dat? a bird…a plane…homosexuals…really?

Painstakingly annoying, I agree. But then what else did you expect? We Indians work around a certain set of norms. We eat, drink, piss, shit, fuck….but never dare to defy them. How can we? What will our neighbors think? What will our relatives have to say? The society will shun us. The disgrace, hai tauba!

However to give credit where it’s due. At least Mr. Bhandarkar was in no way derogatory in his portrayal of the homo-characters. Caricature like yes….offensive…I don’t think so.

In my books guilty of an abusive treatment would be someone like Rohit Shetty. The man behind the awful sequel Golmaal Returns. The fucker along with his gang of other homo-phobic chutes (pardon my French) have taken countless not-so-wise-cracks on homosexuals. If you thought SRK-Karan Johar, Raju Srivastav & Suresh Menon jokes were bad, this jerk has raised the bar a lot higher. But I don’t see the censor board snipping his movie to shreds! No media dhamaal! No junta (homosexuals included) complaining! Shocking the kind of crap we so readily lap up…all in the name of entertainment.

On a related note…one would have expected some kind of sensitivity from someone like Tushar Kapoor after all he is part of the Family. How? Yaar… sister Ekta is in the lead for the Lezzie Icon 2008 Title.

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