Film Review Gay! : One Word, WTF

MJ sent me this video yesterday, and I am still trying to make sense of it. I am sort of convinced that I contributed to most of the hits it received on Youtube. I kept watching it over and over again so that I could try to understand the intention of the person who made this lame ass short film. To summarize it roughly; two homeless men spending the night on the streets are shivering in the cold and decide to hook up ONLY to survive the chill. Just so you don’t miss the point of the video, the message is written at the end, “Gay?! Every time it’s not for fun…” Meaning usually gay sex is only something men indulge in ‘coz they are bored of other options and want to have some gay ‘fun’?

My eyes are lighting up with dollar signs. There is scope here. Since gay sex could raise up temperature and the Indian government wants gay people to disappear, an export option is possible. Environment friendly body warmers. Made in India; brown, gay men for sale who will ensure that you stay comfy in the winters.

I want to poke fun at the guy who made this, but I wonder if he meant to try and justify why men hook up. Is it so monstrous an idea, that you have to add poverty and cold wind as the dastardly components to explain why two men would want to have sex? Does he really believe this crap?

Oh fuck it all. Check it out my homo hombres and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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