Film Screenings of Kashish MIQFF Award Winners

In the month of September, Bombay Dost Sunday High will bring to you Award Winning and Audience Favourite films from the hugely successful and popular KASHISH – Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2010.

If you have missed these films at the KASHISH festival, do catch them on September 5th and 19th.

Date: 5th & 19th September, 2010

Time: 5pm to 8pm.

Venue: The Humsafar Trust’s Drop-in Centre, 4th floor, Municipal Transit Building (Vakola Municipal Market Building), Near Raheja Point and Vakola Masjid, Santacruz (East), Mumbai.


Film list for September 5th, 2010

(2009) 15.30 min / Short / USA / Dir: Eldar Rapaport
Two guys who are stuck in a steam room with no exits try to figure out the situation and each other.
Winner – Best International Short – Jury Citation: A compelling thriller, it encompasses a whole socio-political world with deft, cinematic brilliance.

(2008) 39 min / Short / USA / Dir: Jay J. Levy
In the 1980s, a mother-son relationship takes a wild left turn after she finds adult gay magazines under her son’s bed on his birthday.
Winner -Special Jury Award – Jury Citation: An over-the-edge view of a real situation, that makes its point with sensitivity

3. I AM GAY (Jag Ar Bog)
(2008) 14.30 min / Short / SWEDEN / Dir: Nicolos Kolovos
A humorous glimpse into a young man’s dilemma about how to reveal his secret to his Greek-Swedish family which is quite orthodox. He finally designs his own unique way!
Special Jury Award – Jury Citation: A humorous look at the agonies of coming out in a traditional family

(2007) 100 min / Feature / UK / Dir: Ian Poitier
In advertising, being true to oneself is a hard pill to swallow… Oh Happy Day is a comedic romp through London’s white collar boardrooms n bedrooms. Jonathan and David meet at a formal black-tie dinner and end up spending the night together at Jonathan’s London flat. The budding relationship faces its first challenge the very next morning when Jonathan discovers that David is his “new client” at the marketing firm where he works.

Film list for September 19th, 2010

(2008) 6 min / Short / INDIA / Dir: Shrenik Jain
Two strangers meet on a bumpy ride in a crowded local bus. What follows is a comedy of errors which leads to a funny climax.
Best Indian Short – Jury Citation: For sensitively capturing in a few minutes an entire gamut, and the vulnerability, of cruising.

(2008) 36 min / Documentary / INDIA / Dirs: Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas, Sumit Sharma and Ajeeta Chowhan, India
A film that explores how the form of the body can become a powerful physical language to express dissent over societal norms and conventions. It profiles Sunil Gupta, a world renowned photographer, who has fearlessly announced that he is gay and HIV positive.
Special Jury Award – Jury Citation: For a stark film exploring sexuality and identity, with honesty and first-rate cinematic values

(2009) 65 min / Documentary / AUSTRALIA / Dir: Katherine Wilkinson
A sensitive and shocking film based on a real incident. After suffering a brutal hate crime, Craig and Shane are forced to tread difficult journeys to recovery; but they soon discover that even in the worst circumstances, they can inspire positive change.
Special Jury Award – Jury Citation: For a touching film, intimately conveying the struggle, and hope, of living with homophobia

(2005) 90 min / Feature / CANADA / Dir: Denis Langlois
A handsome American man wakes up in a deserted part of Montréal, completely bereft of all memory, except one… that he is gay. Hypnosis and truth serum bring back ambiguous memories: he thinks his name is James Brighton, that he comes from New Jersey, and that he was raised maybe in England or even in France. But research done by the police and the extensive media coverage yields no results. Based on real life incidents, this enigmatic film treads the thin line between real and surreal.

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