Fundraiser For “The Feline Foundation”: Stand Up & Queer Trivia

If you know us, like, really, really know us, you’ll know by now that we’re all about THEM PUSSIES! So much so that we’re throwing a fundraiser just for them, cuz you know, they aren’t being touched enough, played with enough, loved enough or taken home enough.

As an early celebration of the International Cats Day on 8 August, Gaysi Family is putting together an evening exclusively for the lovers of funny females and feline furballs. Hosted for The Feline Foundation in collaboration with the amazing Cat Café Studio, and with our generous event co-partner, PetWale, this is going to be an evening that will leave you tickled while you tickle gorgeous Calicos, Gingers, Tabbies, and who knows, maybe Persians too!

All that is fine…but what’s in store for me?


First up are 3 very funny ladies — Pooja Ruparel Jeeya Sethi and Pavitra Shetty, who will leave you in splits.

Followed by Gaysi’s famous, or should we say, infamous (grin), Queer Trivia, ‘Can You Repeat the Question, Please?’, with the categories you will be prepping to win being:

1. Bend It Like Hollywood & Bollywood
2. Know Your Desi-Homos – Let’s remember all the pivotal LGBT voices in India.
3. Feline Quotient
4. Queer GK Round

Team Size – Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 5. To participate, send us the name of your team and your team members at gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com.


And all through the evening, you’ll have the cutest kitties to play with. And if you like one, you’re more than welcome to take him or her home (we’re talking about cats…we know you know, but just thought we should put it out there).

But, Oh my god…I’ve got to paint my nails…Why should I come?
For one, we believe in supporting social initiatives, especially if they have something to do with animals or pets. If you think like us, then we would love to have you come out and show your support too.

As a thank you, and to make sure you’re having a good time if you aren’t already, we are giving away awesome prizes, courtesy of Petwale, Cat Café Studio and others. And if you’re still not convinced, did we mention we’ll have cats there? No? So yes, we’ll have cats there that you can play with and/or adopt.

So we ask you this: can you think of a more perfect way to celebrate the International Cats Day?

Fine, you had me at pussies. Dish out the deets!

When: Sunday, 6 August
Where: Cat Café Studio, Versova
What time: 5 pm – 8.30 pm
How much: INR 200 (INR 100 redeemable at the café)
Tickets here:
For more Info: Call us on 9702049491 OR email gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com

Artwork by Priya Dali

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