Gay Hindus Seek Inclusive Festivities

Though most of the Hindu festivals are largely religious, we do pretty much the same thing like any other culture in the world – we congregate, cook food, eat them and spend time with the family. The family as I see it, is no longer hetero-normative. It can be same-sex, multi-sex, plural and so on. The underlying point still remains the same. To gather and celebrate the time together.

Pretty nice read from Ankita Rao:

LGBT Diwali: Gay Hindus Seek Inclusive Festivities

Postscript rant: Of course, it is only the Gay Hindus who have a problem. Other identities have seamlessly integrated into the straight-cis society, haven’t we?

I decline to believe “gay” as a grouping word for LGBT/Queer people. Simply because, a lot of us don’t necessarily identify with being gay.  It is important this call for inclusiveness comes with people who identify so within the Queer movement. At the least provide a lip service when in public.

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