Gay Marriage in Nepal

Ditch California, you do not even need a visa to get married in Nepal. [Link] What impresses me is a country that is as conservative as ours has actually legalized the marriage while we still struggle for acceptance here.

And something else that caught my eye was about state sponsored Gender related  surgeries in Tamil Nadu. [Link] I believe the TN govt has also budgeted for group housing Trans folks. With the affirmation action in schools and the recognition of the third Gender in state issued ID cards, this is very progressive.

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Rashmi grew up in India and now she enjoys her time living in one of the queerest places in the world. She started transitioning a while back and is gradually coming out to people she thinks are cool enough for her. She enjoys discussing any topic under the sun and has an opinion about anything and everything. She thinks of herself as someone who can only hold intelligent conversations with people, when in reality she is totally insane and crazy, not to mention she has been highly hormonal recently. *GRIN*

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