Gaysi Birthday Meetup In Mumbai On 30th November At The Den

The year after the decennial (oof!) is always one of reflection and dreams to take on the years that come with even more energy and passion (the pressure, aaaahh!)

But before we start driving forward to do more, we want to celebrate Gaysi’s completion of 11 years with a traditional (and supremely nostalgic) samosa and chai meetup!

Come along for an evening of stories and snacks, and our favourite- meeting new and old Gaysis! Bring friends, bring ideas, but most importantly, bring your beautiful selves for a chill time getting to know us and this huge family we love!

Hoping to see you here, there and everywhere,

Gaysi Family.

Details you’ll need:

Where: The Den, Bandra
When: Saturday, 30th November from 5pm to 8pm

Artwork by: Parul Dang

– Right of admissions reserved.
– No illegal substances are allowed to be carried in or used at the venue. Violators will be asked to leave.
– You must be 18 & above to attend.

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