Gaysi Family Completes 7 Years

Gaysi Birthday

Gaysi Family celebrated its Seventh Anniversary at iBar in Mumbai on Sunday Nov 29th, 2015. The evening was an invite only party, attended by over 80 people consisting of their collaborators, LGBTQ supporters, media, theatre industry, and friends from the queer community.

The Gaysi team surprised its guests by releasing the much awaited The Gaysi Zine – Graphic anthology. The zine was unveiled by the gorgeous and talented artist Sharmistha Ray, who is a long-time supporter of Gaysi. She, further, applauded the initiatives taken by Gaysi in creating social spaces and bringing forward various queer voices in India.

“Graphic narratives make a beautiful balance between the visible and the invisible. They create a kind of call and response in which the artist gives you something to see within the panels, and then gives you something to imagine between those panels. A lot is said through the affective connotations of the pictures presented”, said the zine Editor Priya Gangwani.

The evening was a fun celebration of Gaysis’s journey, which started with a simple blog back in 2008 with the intent to connect with people; to 2015 where it has managed to create a public space for the queer community in creative avenues like open mic events, to trivia nights, and theatre plays on Drag kings.

Photo Credit – PK Photography

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