Gaysi Podcast 6.0 : The Valentines Day Special

I know I know…MJ announcing a Valentine’s Special *anything* is as good as BJP-Shiv Sena coalition promising a corruption-free existence in Mumbai in the upcoming BMC elections.

Now I may not be a big fan of the ritual that some grown-ups call “relationship” but the fact of the matter is I do believe in the power *undertone* of Love…*cough* …Love…*cough*

Er…yes, you heard me right the first time. And if you don’t believe me, ask my Ex. Er…on a second thought perhaps not.

But on the other end of the spectrum there are some couples who can brilliantly author a book titled Monogamy for Dummies. Mind you, their relationship has been everything but perfect; from “Khandan ki naak” family drama of the 80’s to modern existential angst…they have experienced it all but continue to persevere, because the other is worth it.

So without any further delay, the Gaysi Team is happy to present to you this special Valentine’s Day podcast featuring none other than our very own star couple: Broom and the lady who takes her sexiness quotient to a all new high- TG.

Tracing the beginnings starting from work-related online chats to long ISD phone calls after work, from Coming Out to Moving in, from Mummy drama to Family vacations, from Rani Mukherjee to Idli Sambhar…we have it all and much more.

To Broom & TG…you guys are an inspiration even to a closeted believer like me. Perhaps. Someday. It will be. For me.

Broom adds: This was such a fun podcast to do – it was all about me! Well, ok, maybe a little bit about TG as well. But also this wouldn’t have been possible without MJ, QC and Shri. Especially Shri and his partner who did the last minute editing and QC who added the dhinchak music. Thank you all very very much.

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