Gaysi Presents 2×2 Bar Nights: 6th Edition

If wishes were horses, we’d have a stable by now and would be living in Mahalaxmi cuz our horses would be Thoroughbreds and be winning races like the champions they are (Okay, we got a bit carried away there, we don’t know how this thought ends).

Given that we have already established wishes aren’t horses, let us tell you about our inability to command a Genie to conjure up an L Word-esque The Planet into existence, where all LBT folks can freely paint the town a gorgeous Unicorn shade of the rainbow. And since paint the town we must, what we can do instead is, talk to you about Gaysi Family’s 2×2 Bar Night – a fun, social space for the queer community in Bombay.

Safe, welcoming and open, 2×2 Bar Night is a space which gives baby queers and fresh off the boat folks a chance to mingle with like-minded queers in the city and explore what Gaysi Family is all about. And if you want to expand your social circle (read: dating pool), Gaysi Family will gladly help you interact with the larger audience and drop their pants with your talent/thoughts/looks/soonandsoforth.

We are sure some of you may have doubts about this, so let us also tell you that the previous edition of our 2×2 Bar Night had over 150 party animals in attendance.

If this sounds like fun to you, and we do hope it does, go on and get your tickets online here. (They’re 100 bucks cheaper online, which means one more plate of Chilly Chicken. Plus, we can’t really promise you on-the-spot entry as most of our events are all sold out closer to the D-Day).

Now coming down to the important deets:

What: 2×2 Bar Night
When: Saturday, 5th August, 8 pm onwards
Where: Auriga Restobar, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai.

From 9.30pm to 10.30pm: Guest DJ BeatTrip
10.30pm onwards: Commercial Bollywood & English
For more Info: Call us on 9702049491 OR email

Entry Fee: INR 400/per person (online) & 500/per person at the door
Buy Ticket Here:

FB Event Page 

Poster Artwork by Sagar Saple

PLEASE NOTE: We are taking special care to create a space that is geared towards making all ladies feel safe, both in atmosphere and in numbers. Because of this, we’ve had to take some logistical decisions to ensure that the gender ratio is fair and geared towards this safety. As such, we request that all men who wish to attend this party come accompanied by their female/ trans friends so as to make everyone feel the most comfortable.

If there are gay men who truly do not have any available female/ trans friends to come with, please write to us at gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com with your situation and we will try to figure something out.

– Right of admissions reserved.
– No illegal substances are allowed to be carried in or used at the venue. Violators will be asked to leave.
– You must be 21 & above to attend. Please bring ID’s and drink permits.

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