Gaysi Presents Queer Trivia Night

Are you a secret geek who loves to drink? Perhaps an aspiring smart alec or a know- it-all looking for an opportunity to show off? Or are you just a competition specialist always looking for a new place to win? Then we at Gaysi Family have just the event for you!

Presenting Can You Repeat The Question Please? A name so appropriate you’re guaranteed to hear it at least 20 times through the course of the night, especially by those back benchers! A fun night of brain twisting, intellect questioning and mind numbing fun! Think you know about all things queer? Well, we at Gaysi (with the help of Harish Iyer and Sibi Mathen) certainly think we do! We have an exciting set of questions all ready to blow your mind, with categories ranging from :

Sassy Sports

Bend It Like Bollywood

Queer Quotient


Know Your Homophobe.

We will have you stumped with our Bernard Bosanquet style googlies! I know you’re secretly googling Bernard Bosanquet. See what we mean? It will be a night of guaranteed “PTCH! I totally knew that answer yaar!” So on the 19th of July, mark your calendars and pick your teams for Trivia Night takes place at The Pint Room in Bandra!

Please note that this is a team event! If horror movies have taught you anything, it’s to keep the weakest link at home; for only the strong shall survive. Pick your teams of 4-5 members each, no more and no less. If you are extremely serious about participating, pre-register your team by sending in your entry fee! Contact us at gaysifamily[at] or contact the usual suspects at Gaysi, most of you already know what we look like under our disguises.

And in true Gaysi fashion, there will be prizes. Lots and lots of prizes! But only for the winners, so make sure you start studying!

Can You Repeat The Question Please?

Date: 19th, July 2014.

Time: 5:30pm onwards

Entry Fee :Rs. 200/person

Dress code: Competitive

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