Gossip’s 70’s Retro Party

Hello gorgeous gossipers! It’s time to let your hair down again party Gossip Style! Mumbai’s Hottest Queer party is back!

Gossip takes you back in time, so darlings there is no time like the 70s, bring in the disco balls, the hippies, the flower power and some awesome music! So dance the night away to best of retro from Bruce Springsteen to RD Burman…

Come dressed in your brightest outfits, mohawks and oh bell bottoms are welcome. We will play latest music, but this party we will play a lot more retro…

The improved bar with 4 counters (special counter for beers etc) with ensure lesser wait for your drink! A food bar will also get you a choice of yummy starters that you can exchange for coupons!

And last, but not least, Be Gorgeous!


Where: Above Twister Lounge, 1st floor, Hotel UniContinental, beside Khar (W) Station (the very first building from the station to the North)

When: Saturday, 6th August, 2011 9:30pm to 1:30am

How much: Entry Rs 600 before 11pm and Rs 650 after 11pm

What you get:

1. 2 spirited drinks or 2 pints of beer (We serve premium spirits)
2. Usual beer/spirits are priced at Rs 120.
3. Big dance floor on top
3. Open terrace where you can smoke… And drink! How awesome is that?!!
4. Fabulous fellow Gossipers
5. A great vibe

Gossip Gospel

1. Thou shall not Gossip
2. Thou shall exchange numbers
3. Thou shall not be below 21 years of age
4. Thou shall dance
5. Thou shall not use drugs or any other illegal substances at the party or outside the venue.
6. Thou shall not solicit sex for money
7. Thou shall not drink and drive
8. Thou shall not harass other guests (misbehavior of any sort will result in you being thrown out without any refunds)
9. Thou shall have a F#@king awesome time!

Find us on
Facebook : www.facebook.com/mygossipp?arty / PR : “Gossip-TheParty” under club/guide search

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