Gossip’s Wicked Halloween Night

Gossip’s Wicked Halloween Nite on Saturday, 5th November at the Metro Lounge, Andheri!

Hello gorgeous gossipers! It’s time to let your hair down again Gossip Style! Mumbai’s Hottest Queer party is back! And we have a brand new venue, the ubercool Metro Lounge at the trendy Lokandwala, Andheri West. With a big dance floor, a terrace lounge upstairs and a smoking lounge you will be spoilt for space and choices!

This time we celebrate Halloween with a wicked wicked night….so put on a costume and dance the night away! And the one with the best costume will win the “Fabulous Gossip Goodie Pack”. Costumes are encouraged but NOT compulsory…but let’s all be a sport and dress up!

Experience a well stocked bar with premium Indian spirits, Imported Spirits and exotic cocktails!

And last, but not least, tick or treat?


Where: The Metro Lounge, 1056, Adarsh Nagar, New Link Road, Opp Mainland China, Near Infinity Mall, Oshiwara, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400053

When: Saturday, 5th November from 9:30pm to 1: 15am

How much: Entry Rs 600 before 11pm and Rs 650 after 11pm To defray towards the expenses of the party (No Credit Cards)

Gossip Hotline : 9619 404 310 (Call us for Direction, don’t be naughty!)

What you get:

1. Rs 300 worth of coupons to exchange for food and drinks
2. Usual beer/spirits are priced at Rs 150.
3. Big dance floor and indoor smoking lounge
3. Open terrace where you can smoke… And drink! How awesome is that?!!
4. Fabulous fellow Gossipers
5. A great vibe
6. Individual 1-day permit to consume alcohol shall given to every guest.












Find us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/mygossipparty / PR : “Gossip-TheParty” under club/guide search

PS : Kindly carry an ID as we reserve the right to age verification. We also reserve the right to check for drugs or other illegal substances. Anyone failing to comply with rules shall be turned away.


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