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The weekend is here and honestly I do not want to be thinking of Gaysi. For once. No seriously, off late the women in my life are complaining. They need my attention and so in the name of social service I say it’s time my knicker stops here…and goes offline. But I promise to be back before you say the word “boo”….well not literally.

kevin However a sexy editor is gotto do what she’s gotto do, and so here’s a quick re-cap of some headliners from the Queer world this week.

I use to read these guys as a teenager and continue to do so even till this date though more as a potty reading material. Veronica was like my ultimate fantasy crush, coming to think of it, in reality too I end up attracting the high maintenance sorts…hmmm…maybe I should write about such kind, what say? Anyway the point being, Archie’s very own gay dude Kevin made his debut this week. Yippeee…now let’s give him grand welcome people!

UK based writer and theatre maker Eleanor Margolis talks about how it’s not easy being a gay woman, even if the self awakening happened at a very young age. A very relatable read, me thinks.

A look into the world of the desi-bisexuals…quite an interesting article by India Today. And if you are looking for an incentive, well it features our well-known rock star Apphia Kumar.

Manila is getting geared up for the mother of all beauty pageants – Mr Gay World Philippines now and next year, *hold your breath* Mr Gay World.

No laughing matter this but honestly does this come across as a shocker?

In his 160-page book, Here is the heart of a Priest, K P Shibu Kalamparambil has written about life he had had to lead as member of the Catholic congregation Vincentian for past 24 years — 11 years as priest, 13 as seminarian. [Link]


From the world of entertainment, film Black Swan is making its presence felt at Venice film festival. And yes a lot of credit could be given to this lesbian kissing scene. (my) Initial reaction – Drama drama drama, now where would we be without it!

And for the Bummer of the week title, I will crown this hot piece of news right from the gossip oven.

– John Travolta caught cheating!

– John Travolta’s wife is about to have a baby!

– John Travolta is GAY!

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