Horoscopes And Online Dating For Lesbians

My first thought when MJ asked me to do a review of Pink Sofa was “not another lesbian dating site.” I’m a little wary of online dating/matrimonial sites- gay or straight. Pink sofa is a de-glam, less fun version of OurChart which Showtime took down after the L Word ended its run.

There are lots and lots of profiles on the site, thought only a few have been made public. The rest require you to sign up. I will admit I was hoping to see a few more pictures and so was a tad disappointed. There are women of all ages, from all across the country (there is a concentration of women from Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Pune) and with all sorts of interests.

*Discovalley, if you happen to be reading this, Hi!*

The site has three levels of membership- trial membership, basic membership & premium membership. It also has classifieds, forums and listings, much like Craigslist. Apparently the site also advertises businesses run by lesbians.

Personally, I don’t think an online dating site is for me, but that apart Pink Sofa doesn’t look too bad.

Lestrology claims to be the only astrology site for women. This begs the questions- does your horoscope vary according to your sexual orientation? Is my horoscope different from say, a straight man who shares my date of birth?

The site offers daily and monthly horoscopes along with a mix of random stuff like celebrity star signs, compatibility chart and a love test, which reminded me of “FLAMES” and the love percentage thing every desi kid grew up trying.

Lestrology also has a dating service with profiles of members and a message board.

For me, Lestrology’s drawback lies in the fact that I can’t figure out how a lesbian’s horoscope would vary significantly from anyone else who shared a date of birth.

So, while Pink Sofa is not a bad attempt at all, I’m going to have to give Lestrology a thumbs down.

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