Indian Railways Eradicate The Menace

SCR Arrests 212 Eunuchs / Transgenders

via South Central Railway.




Dear South Central Railways (and Sambasiva Rao),

Seriously? “Eunuchs?” Is that the best word you could come up with? Do you even realize that it is considered a derogatory word? The current vernacular is “Transgender” and “Transgender” only.

It gives me immense pleasure that, in the 22nd century,  we have such an esteemed Public Relations Officer, with such an impeccable command of language and usage of words in the English language. If anything, Sambasiva Rao, I find it more than heartening that you and your brothers are working your ass-off in “eradicating a menace” and “cleaning up” the system. I am sure, the trains toilets and the platforms will be so immaculately clean now that I can eat my dinner right off them let alone sleep in them. I am also sure by “eradicating this menace” all women and gender-non-conforming travelers can travel safely in trains.

The marginalized trans community in India  was making a living on these trains having been denied an education, job and been limited to any other ways of survival. Thanks to you, you have retrieved whatever money these folks made and pushed these 34,150 Rupees of our very valuable tax money back into the system. Why bother about the rich when we can harass the needy, right? America does it, then why not we. By all means we should emulate this, because that is where success lies. Poor, needy people are just parasites living off our very note-worthy (no pun intended) money.

The use of the word “eunuch” is deplorable. I am not sure about you, but I come from India too and in the place I come from, we sure are way more civilized than using words like this. And we do choose the public relation officer so as to be aware of what he is talking. Like a million trans folks and a billion Indians in this world, I am personally very offended by the use of this word.

Anyways, thanks for being such a dedicated government agency. I am sure the Indian thatha will be very happy with your performance. I wish I could give you a 3 finger salute but all I can manage is the middle one-straight up.

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