India’s First 24 hour Helpline For MSM & Transgender Community

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“I think I am ‘abnormal’ because, being a man, I am attracted to other men”, “My family is pressurizing me to get married to a woman and have a family”, “I feel isolated and depressed because of discrimination I face due to my sexual identity”, “I have been sexually abused and I am too scared to confide this with anyone”, “I have an infection in my private parts and feel ashamed to go to my family doctor”, “I have had unprotected sex with a stranger, and I am worried what I should do”.

These are some of the questions and fears, many men who have sex with men usually face, and they do not know whom to turn to. A new 24 hours by 7 days helpline has been started to address this very important aspect and provide crucial information and counselling. Sahaay Helpline can be accessed by dialling the toll-free number 1800-2000-113.

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