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Interviewee Name : Srini

What do you identify as (gay, bi, transgendered, queer – use any terms you like here)?

Totally Gay.

When did you first start to define your identity as such?

When I was 16.

Have you experienced first-hand trans/homophobia? If yes, how did you deal with it?

Never did.

When did you first out yourself?

When I was 24.

Was it unplanned or was there careful planning involved?

Unplanned. I know it was coming, but not this suddenly.

Who did you come out to & why did you come out to that person?

My father. My folks discovered conversations between my then boyfriend and me and wanted to know the truth.

How did that person react?

Was naturally at shock, but he wanted to know the hard truth. At the end we hugged each other and cried – he said – ‘the fact that you are my son isn’t going to change’.

SriniDid your coming out change anything about your relationship with them?

I’ve become more self confident in dealing with the ‘sexuality’ subject and marriage related queries. I think they’re getting to feel and perceive the adult in me.

Have you ever been outed without your consent? If yes, how did you deal with it?

Never. I’ve been lucky.

Do you think being gaysi makes it harder to come out & that if you weren’t part of such a traditional & conservative culture you would have an easier time with your sexuality/identity?

Not really. This is something fundamental to a person’s identity and when a queer person feels strongly about being queer/gay, and accept it as part of their individualism, the outing happens. Not just because the world around the person is open to such things.

Would you recommend that people stay in the closet or come out?

I would urge everyone to come out. Who the fuck do we need to be afraid of? Be gay and be proud to be so!

Have you come out to any family member?

Yes. Both my parents.

One Bollywood actor/actress you would love to see coming out as gaysi?

Rahul Bose.

If you could magically go back to being non-queer, would you do it? Why or Why not?

Nah, I’m happy I’m gay. I don’t need reasons/magic to not-be-it.

Your favourite queer-themed movie?


Your favourite queer-themed book?

Cool Cut by Sharad P. Paul

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Now 30, 100% shudh desi lesbian. Likes living large, and on the edge. Dislikes stagnation, fence sitting and hypocrites. Lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. Currently nursing a massive crush on actress Chitrangada Singh (kind of eerie, her resemblance to the late Smita Patil, don’t you think?). Aspires to build a fully functional support system for the Gaysi community in India. And most importantly, top the 'Hottest eligible desi-lezzie' list one bright sunny day.

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