Interview : Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

[*Editor’s Note : A couple of weeks ago I got an email asking if we would like to interview the Prince. I said yes, of course. Then I was asked if I was in NYC to make it for the interview. We asked around and the gaysis we knew in the neighborhood were unable to make it. MJ and I were pretty disappointed. There are things the prince has said and done that I’m not thrilled about – like crediting Oprah for the abolishment of 377 (as if!) – but like it or not, he has contributed towards bringing homosexuality in India out of the closet. It’s hard to ignore someone who comes from a privileged and prominent background and speaks about things that are normally considered taboo.

Thankfully, Shirin, a gaysi supporter, said she’d go interview the prince on our behalf.

Here for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure is the interview and Shirins take on the evening with the prince.

Special thanks to QC for doing the editing.]


photo 1The evening started with a quick registration…introduction…badge pick up etc. and a paper with the "Royal palace" Protocol sheet…! A list of conduct and communication practices with ‘his highness’…rather hilarious and kinda ticked off some of the reporters present there..!

I was second in line to have my ‘5 min’ rendezvous with him…I stretched it to 8…

The event took off with the individual press people being allotted their time slot with the prince. The ‘one on one’ wasn’t like a usual press conference with a bunch of people in one room but we were individually escorted to the Prana Horizon Suite where he was seated with two other people (dressed similarly). There we had a private question answer session.
Asia TV, ‘Lassi with Lavina’, Sholay…etc. were amongst the other people in line. Once again…The Prince is truly a very quiet…decent….warm person….you immediately feel comfortable in his presence and in no way does he try to intimidate you. After the question answer session (which lasted close to two hours) there was a makeshift ‘DEOs’ stage (on plan) where the Prince arrived over red carpet….there he posed with various other people. It was hilarious to see scantily clad women put their hands around him and brush themselves against him in spite the so called ‘Protocol Sheet’.
After which there was a short introduction for the Prince and a short speech by him.  Amidst all this, the place was getting packed with people and of course there was an amazing DJ playing ‘Buddha bar’ music.
With ‘Absolut’ being one of the sponsors, there was on the house drinks all night…!….there were immaculately dressed transgender males all over the place, some were just escorting people from place to place….some helping out with the event….some just there to enhance the occasion.
On the whole a great turn out…!


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