Jackasses For The Week [Our World This Week]

I can’t seriously decide who the bigger jackass is? – Sepp Blatter or the Smithsonian.
Anyways! So here it goes…

Sepp Blatter with his infinite wisdom of a 3 year old asked all the Queer folks to run and hide into the closet.[Link] Please don’t hold hands, or have sex, or for the better, don’t even wear anything close to pink because the religious police will persecute you in the Qatar FIFA world cup in 2022. Oh! Did I forget to say, please don’t look gay either (whatever that may mean!) – Otherwise you ass will be Mr. Mullah’s ass! What a jackass? Where is the 2030 one going to be held? If I may, could I suggest, Darfur or Somalia?  Oh because we need to spread football.  This is the same jackass who told that women should wear tighter, skimpier  shorts to make women’s football appealing. Seriously, old man?

And then the Smithsonian performed Harakiri by antagonizing the Warhol foundation in fear of the ooooh! the cross, yeah! the Catholic Church, Dammit! [Link] and where you may wonder? Yes from a gallery! Of all the places in the world, where expressionism and creativity is exemplified, the Smithsonian in collusion with the Catholic Church removed a key video, ” A Fire in my Belly” from its gallery. Thank you so much Smithsonian! for promoting art. If anything, we will make sure to vote for you to get the “the hallmark of excellence” award soon for fairness and encoraging creativity.

Mr. Pope, I seriously think you and your cohorts could make better use of your time and efforts – for example, how about removing pedophilia from your churches?

For the fun part, read this [Link]

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