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Hello Gaysis, I come bearing some not so good news & some not so bad news.

Let’s start with the sweet story of two gay swans that have set up a nest at the Abbotsbury Swannery.


Abbotsbury manager John Houston said: “They share a nest and the two of them take it in turns to sit on it, defending it against other swans.”

“They sit there like they’re expecting eggs to appear.” [Link]

Awwww! Maybe they should have attended the baby planning course that my partner and I attended last weekend. More about that in another post.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Pope’s secretary of state, blamed us gays for all the sex abuse going on in the Catholic Church. Yawn. Come on dude, find someone new to blame. The good news is that French government told him to basically Shut The Fuck Up. Vive La France! But the even better news is that even the Vatican distanced itself from this moron’s comments!

Back home, while Dr. Siras’s case is still murky and there are no clear answers, the vultures are already trying to take every paisa left over from his property. RIP, Dr. Siras – you’re probably better off wherever you are.

SALEM 13/04/2010: Motivational Event: Transgenders celebrated beauty pageant at their "Sangamam" meet in Salem Savitha (centre) from Kerala was adjudged on the "Miss India". Photo: P_Goutham How many times have you cursed the ‘chakkas’ at traffic signals. Laughed at them? Been disgusted by them? I know that I have been guilty of atleast the first two misdeeds in the past. We keep saying that they shouldn’t ‘harrass’ us for money, but refuse to give them work either. How are they to survive then?

Apparently from across the country have decided to embrace the ‘Salem Model’ that has transformed many of them here into successful entrepreneurs and ensured them the elusive economic empowerment and dignity.

“Now we have decided to start beauty boutiques, saree shops and petty shops to improve their livelihood,” said Federation Director Dr. R. Lakshmi Bai.”  [Link]

I’m glad they’ve taken their destiny into their own hands and not depending on society to help them.


Elsewhere in the world, Portugal is about to become the 6th European country to allow gay marriage! The president can veto the decision, but there’s enough votes to overturn his veto. So let’s hope we can all do our saat-pheres at Portugal soon!

Let’s wind up with some news that may sound trivial, but is dead serious.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is planning to come up with a special condom, which will benefit gays as well as straight couples. Apparently, the condoms will be extra strong to ensure that it doesn’t tear during anal sex. Some gay rights activists say that gay men don’t need an extra-strong condom, just a condom with better lubrication. Honestly, the fact that the ICMR is actually acknowledging the existence of gay sex, is a huge milestone in my eyes.

Have a great weekend, my friends! Here in Toronto, it’s tax season – so I’m going to spend my weekend doing my taxes and being grateful for the fact that I earn enough to pay them! Hope you have great plans too.

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