Kickstarter Campaign For A Short Film “The Cold Call”

In September last year, Gaysi team member AK had reviewed Rahul Mehta’s book of short stories called “Quarantine,” a collection of short stories that chronicle the lives of gay Indian-American men, their disappointments and betrayals and hard earned personal connections they come to cherish. We were very please to find out a few weeks ago that someone had picked up on one of his stories and is looking to convert this into a short film “The Cold Call”.

To know more about this film, you can hear writer/director Sohnia Van Der Puye talk about her project hereThe Cold Call has launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the short film.

With their partners MTV Voices, SALGA and CAMPUS PRIDE they need your help in bringing this film to the South Asian community. They have launched their Kickstarter campaign and have only 13 days remaining to reach their goal. Please visit the page support the project by making a pledge towards making the film.

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It’s important for the South Asian community to make its voice heard in popular culture. And they are using this film as a platform to bring forth the challenges that south Asian LGBT youth face and let their voices be heard.

Visit our project page at to make your donation.

Please support our film and spread the message!


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