Launch of Gaysi Zine (Issue No. 2) At Dirty Talk


I know, I am finding it hard to believe it too but It’s true. It is here. I am holding my first copy of the spanking new Second Edition Gaysi Zine at this moment and I have only one thing to say… ‘Hey Beautiful!’ 🙂

You see, We at gaysi do not understand modesty. If we see something good – we say it out loud. And this zine is Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

On a more moderate note:

We are pleased to announce that ‘The Gaysi Zine’ Issue 2 is being released and you can grab this amazing print edition at the earliest at another amazing homegrown Gaysi event – Dirty Talk in Mumbai on 15-Sept.

* Trumpets *

This is what we Gaysi fellas call a Double Dhamaka. Not only do you get to witness a Dirty Talk event filled with you know what *wink wink* but also the first big launch of our very own publication – The Gaysi Zine!

Isn’t 15-Sept is just around the corner? Yep, ONLY 2 Days to go…

We, at Gaysi, have been writing stories for you and ourselves for last 4 and something years and it has been an exhilarating experience. Now with this printed Zine – we may just die of excitement!

Those who enjoy taking a peek into theirs, ours, someone else’s lives – would love this edition. Those who don’t, would be delighted reading the experiences of some crazy folks out there, and laugh out loud on the comedy, tragedy, dramedy and more of our lives!

Not only do the storytellers represent diverse backgrounds, the pieces in this volume of The Gaysi Zine are diverse in their content, style and essence. We have stories that celebrate love during the partition times, delicious graphics, a little bit of s-e-x, an attempt to cure the blessing called gayness, and a whole lot more.

You can spot our and yours favorite Queer Coolie ( aka QC ) at the event secretly getting an encouraging kick in her pants on seeing the many experiences being unfolded in those pages. ( No No, don’t look at her pants – shes doesn’t have those parts !)

And if you need a little bit egging on to go grab a copy, here are the first few ( tad biased but incredibly legitimate ) testimonials:

The Catharsist (Zine Content editor) says, “It’s an anthology of some of the best LGBT writings from Gaysis”, while Fishead ( Zine Designer ) says It’s an amalgamation of diverse writings. No one story is like the other. I’m loving this collection!!!”

Told you – we know no modesty. But hey – we will let you be the judge.
Come, explore & let us know. Yeah ?

And given that we are so thrilled, we are throwing in a freebie. Those who buy a copy can ask any Gaysi Team member for a kiss!!! mwah mwah !


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