Launch of The Gaysi Zine in New Delhi on 28th Nov, 2013

Dilliwale, Queeple, Tweeple, Delhi Lovelies, Lodhi Garden Ke Doggies – Sab Suno!

Hum Aa Rahen Hain – Thats right, Gaysi And The Gaysi Zine Are Coming To The Capital!

On the heels of the festive pride month in the city, we launch The Gaysi Zine in Delhi on 28th November, 2013. This time on the lawns of the Goethe-Institute, Max Mueller – we have fashioned an event not just for the Delhi intellectual, but for every one of us who loves to read, ponder and hear a good story. We will share a few tall tales, excerpts from the zine and read aloud many more gems from the written word.

But… will it be as good as the Khao Suey at Kitchen? The rolls at Khan Chacha ( or Nizam’s if your from the doosra wala camp, oof!)? The Pineapple pastry at Wenger’s? or dare you ask, the Hot Chocolate Fudge at Nirula’s ?

Oh yes! Oh heck yes!

Why ? Because of the fantastic people we have gracing The Gaysi Zine Delhi Launch…*drumroll* …like:

Parvati Sharma: Author of The Dead Camel and Other Stories of Love. Parvati is based out of Delhi and is currently working on a novel which she hopes, some day, to complete.

Arunava Sinha: Translator of classic, modern and contemporary Bengali fiction and nonfiction in English, Two time winner of Crossword translation award, for Sankar’s Chowringhee (2007) and Anita Agnihotri’s Seventeen (2011) Born in Kolkata, Arunava now lives and writes in New Delhi.

Pramada Menon: A (sometimes) queer-feminist activist, co-founder of CREA, and now consultant on gender and sexuality. Pramada is also well known for her standup comedy act, Fat, Feminist and Free and as filmmaker with the recently launched, “And You Thought You Knew Me”.

Priya: Editor of The Gaysi Zine and Co-Director of The Gaysi Family. Priya is a Delhi girl who started writing for Gaysi Family blog in 2009 as Chicklet. The Gaysi Zine is Priya’s initiative to bring the Queer community’s sometimes poignant and sometimes entertaining words into the light.

Antara Datta: Lecturer of English Literature at Delhi University. A newly minted PhD, Antara researches contemporary travel writing and is writing a book: a fantastical work of fiction. Antara will also moderate the evening’s panel discussion.

So just as the early winter dew settles on the mulberry shrub on 28th November, come join us all at 7 pm for an evening of fun, laughter, ideas, conversations and queer readings.


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