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Exodus International: An interdenominational Christian Organization, infamous for their work in reparative therapy and years of preaching that homosexuality is a disease, released a public apology. Mr. Alan Chambers, the President of the organization said a public apology was the only correct method after they have spent many years misleading their followers and making them believe that conversion therapy is possible. In the apology issued on their website, Mr. Chambers admits how he believed homosexuality to be a “sin” for so many years as he thought it to be wrong in the eyes of God. However, after reading the stories and letters of students who have had to face grave consequences of depression and even attempted suicides, Mr. Alan has realized that his teachings and beliefs had been wrong all these years. Personally I think the apology very well written and it genuine. We give you a gold star Mr. Chambers.

Read the full apology here.

The Missing Husband: This beautiful video released by David and Jason, in collaboration with the DOMA Project gives you an insight into how DOMA really affects bi-national couples. Despite being together for seven years and married for one year, their marriage is not recognized outside the state of New York. What’s worse, their marriage does not give Jason, a New Zealander the right to apply for a green card and live in the US with his husband. The couple has recorded the heartbreak they go through each time they have to leave each other. This is just one of many such couples. The final verdict on DOMA approaching this month which impacts the lives of thousands of Americans and their foreign spouses, lies in the hands of 9 people.

See Video here


9 Men To Rule Them All: The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on Proposition 8 and DOMA by the end of the month, before the court recesses for summer. While lawyers have speculated the possible outcomes, no one can predict the Supreme Court’s decision. The outcome is not all black and white, as a federal ruling on DOMA would affect all those states in which same-sex marriage has not yet been legalized. The Supreme Court will be handing down rulings every Monday till the summer recess, this means we only have one Monday in hand… Will June 24th be the day?

See more details on DOMA and Prop 8 rulings here.

While the above news does not affect India in any way, we must keep in mind that we are all a part of a bigger movement, that of gay rights all over the world. A victory in America, is also a victory for gays and lesbians everywhere. In my opinion, we must watch America closely as it is a good indicator of the path India will follow towards equality in the years to come (once we finally conquer 377). The biggest victory this week has been about Exodus International. If they can issue an apology after 35 years of preaching about homosexuality, I’m pretty sure Baba Ramdev will crumble too!

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