Listen To These Songs That Speak To Transgender Issues And Lives

Against Me! is a four piece band that was formed in Florida, United States, back in 1997. A punk rock band (mind you they’re ‘Against Me!’ not just ‘Against Me’). What I found interesting, apart from their name, was their journey, or more so, Tom Gabel’s journey. The lead singer, Tom Gabel publically came out as a woman in 2012. This is their first album after her coming out.

Album : Transgender Dysphoria Blues. 

Release date : 21st Jan, 2014. 

against me

This album came about when Grace began taking week-long trips alone, checking into hotels dressed as a woman and writing a concept album titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The songs are not sugar coated and fearlessly speak of her struggle with gender dysphoria, amongst other things.

Here ‘s an accoustic version of one of their new songs. It’s great to have someone rocking it out and being true to themselves, in this male centric punk scene. On her personal life, Grace has been married to visual artist Heather Hannoura since 2007.

The world is changing, slowly!

against me marriage

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