Living Outside the Closet

This is a dialogue, this is a conversation that I have in my mind every single day of the week, only difference is, today I have an audience.

So allow me to spit ball.

Allow me to open to you the doors of my mind and provide you a passage towards my heart. ‘Cos once you place your hand on my chest and you feel what’s inside you will know that we’re no different. I am no different.

I do not always carry around a purse, or bend my arm at the wrist while I talk and when I talk I may not be overly dramatic. Or I may be. So what?

Look around you. Look at the people next to you. Are they like you? They aren’t. Then why me?

I remember always feeling a sense of envy towards the openness that those who call themselves straight enjoy. Why is it that when a man and a woman hold hands on the street they are welcomed by uninhibited “aww’s”? But two men, or two women being intimate is met by this. *shocked expression*


Isn’t what we’re displaying the same? Why is our love different from yours? And why is our love always judged. Why do I have to justify myself in the first place?

I don’t see any straight man or woman standing over here and saying, “well I could be straight either because of genetic or socio-environmental factors.”
I am different only because I go against your notion of what “normal” is. For that I have a very simple solution. Change your notions.

Just like a doctor tells you to cut down on sweets ‘cos you’re diabetic or a mechanic tells you to change the silencer in your car coz it’s broken, I am asking you to alter the way you look at this world. ‘Cos I look at this world differently too.

For me, being gay is straight, and being straight is gay, you don’t us see judging you.

So here’s a metaphorical key. Unlock your minds to set someone free.

Thank you.


This was the key note by self-confessed hairy, horny, heterosexual, hottie virgin-ass Mallu – Tushar Mathew, at the event organized by Wilson College students in Bandra, Mumbai, termed ‘Living Outside the Closet’.

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