LPGA : Born Female Only Please!

Mokgadi Caster Semenya is a South African middle-distance runner and world champion

While this is not the first time gender variant people have been discriminated, it definitely needs a mention. [Link]

In the past year at least, we have Semenya from S.Africa who was embarrassed in public, her privacy violated. Her Gender became fodder for the media and the public at large. People had their opinions and they can but isn’t sports a medium to promote fairness in society.

If so, it definitely raises some important questions:

1. Is there really an advantage of “being born in one gender” once the person decides to go through transition? Ask any medical professional or anyone going through Hormone Replacement Therapy and they will tell you how much upper body strength they have lost or gained (depending on which direction you go in the transition), the muscle loss, etc. A whole set of women professional take Testosterone during training or later which in a way acts as a strength builder. So is one saying it is okay to live with that advantage as long as she was born Female?  Isn’t the whole process of transition is to be emotionally, “physically” and mentally of the preferred Gender.

Countries might have their own markers for “being born female”. If we strictly go by what’s between the legs, then what then happens to intersex folks? If we go by chromosome matching then what about people with AIS (How will you categorize since they  have a Y chromosome ?). There are a dozen and odd classifications which will break every rule in the book.

2. Where do we draw a line for right to privacy? Shouldn’t ones information about genitalia be one’s own business. Shouldn’t the media show some discretion while reporting?

3. This LPGA tournament is being held at California – a state that has widespread anti-hate and anti-discrimination laws. So should any organization that openly discriminates be allowed to step in and do so?

4. How much of a liability do sponsors have? I don’t think Corporates really care about an issue until there is a critical mass. Given the critical mass from gender variant people and their allies is rather small, they can probably get away with it. Aren’t we just playing a numbers game then rather than judging if it is right or wrong? Isn’t this the same reason No on Prop 8 campaign went down the drains?

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