Make Way For Mizz Jenna Talackova

As you all know, Mizz Jenna Talackova (no matter how stunning) was initially disqualified from the Miss Universe pageant due to the fact that she is an MTF  was  classified as a boy at birth, and therefore not a “natural born” woman. For the sake of Hermaphrodites, will someone please tell me what the heck a natural born woman is?

Jenna knew form the age of 4 that she was a girl. At an age where some of us were more concerned with toys and candy, Jenna had already figured out her sexuality. For someone who is so in touch with herself, that she began her transition at an age when some of us were just hitting puberty.

I guess what the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) actually means is that one must be born with a uterus is order to be considered a natural woman. So then what of those born with MRKH syndrome? They don’t have a uterus, but all intents and purposes are born as women. Do they have to declare their entire medical history to the MUO? More importantly, what about the entire Intersex community? Will they too be discriminated against?

So tell me, MOU, how is Jenna any less of a woman? And please be clear in your explanations. She has fake boobs, injected lips, perhaps liposuction, some plastic surgery, and wears abnormally high heels like every other one of your contestants. On the level of fake woman, all those contestants are just as bad, if not worse. Or was Jenna disqualified for being too much of a woman?

Maybe I’m nuts, but I come from a world where sexuality is fluid. If someone tells me that they identify as a woman, it’s not for me to ask for proof. I can only respect their sexuality and identity.

On the more sarcastic note, these “natural” women have got to be threatened by Jenna. Not only is she drool worthy hot, but she is obviously clever too. She knew that controversy would be stirred, and everything about her would be under scrutiny. Not only has she dealt with this situation with utter composure and brilliance, but she also brought on board one of the toughest lawyers. This woman came prepared!

I can see the question and answer round in front of my eyes:

Judge: Ladies, what is the one thing you want most in the world?

Contestant 1: A pet platypus **fake smile)

Contestant 2: World Peace…

Contestant 3: To end poverty

Jenna: For the Queers to rule the world!

Jenna Talackova can compete in Miss Universe Canada, but will she?

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