Miss India, Thoda Hatke!

India is a phunny country; an orthodox bitch to the extent of choking one’s sensibilities and the next minute turning into this fabulous woman high on progressive pills.

I remember donkeys of years ago (yes I am getting old and pressuring the memory nerve is….hmmm…nerve wrecking)…so anyway…Mr. Senior Bachchan was the main organizer and one of the judges for some International Beauty Pageant.  Keeping story short; certain NGOs along with various groups dedicated to the “Save Bharatiya Nariandolan made his life a living nightmare. Because you see, we Bharatiya ladies don’t flaunt their hips, flash flat bellies (if lucky enough to have such a thing), flicker their eyes, cash in those seductive vibes and hai…narg main bhasm ho if they even think of wearing that vulgar export from videsh called “swimwear”. *In case wondering, no the same rule is not applicable to certain Bollywood size zero heroines*

And so began thrashthebeatuies phenomena. Nowadays no sooner Miss India types contest are announced, we have the moral brigade out on the roads dressed in their hypocrite preaching, adamant on saving the nation.

Then at times you witness such twist of faith or should I tag it as luck by chance episode;

The first ever Miss India Transgender Pageant was held in Chennai on December 19, 2009.

The pageant saw 120 transgenders between the ages of 20 to 35 participate, representing different states like Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala [Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. About 800 transgender community members and representatives working for them across the country attended to ensure its success. […]

Miss India Transgender was organized by the Indian Community Welfare Organization (ICWO), an NGO that is focused on the prevention of HIV and AIDS. The ICWO works with various target groups like gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, female sex workers and the children of sex workers. The event was also supported by TANSACS, UNAIDS and ACTIONAID. […]

No kaam-chalaoo contest this my friends…

Besides the main and runner-up titles, there were also other prizes to claim, for Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Walk, Miss Beautiful Eyes and Miss Best Skin. [Rediff.com]

It just amazes me to see a country which is still plagued with gender discrimination, caste discrimination, state discrimination, income discrimination…oh yeah we have it all…allows an event like this to take place minus the ruckus. Awesome no? If only we could have such days all thru the year. Wishful thinking, yes, but one can always be hopeful.


Winner of the Miss India Transgender pageant Karina Shalini (C) from Mumbai celebrates with runner ups Romi (L) from Manipur and Padmini (R) of Tamil Nadu

Anyway…heartiest congratulation to the winning ladies on behalf of the Gaysi gang and before I end…let me just say “Go Mumbai Go!”…*suck up losers*.

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