Movie Review : A Jihad For Love

A Great documentary by Parvez Sharma.  Two Thumbs Up!

It portrays on the confusion of every Muslim individual that they face in loving their religion and accepting themselves as gay . The movie travels across from Egypt to India and everywhere in between and to South Africa. I really liked the clarity of the  Imam from South Africa who made a big impact on me. He talks about the different facets of Islam and the way the modern world has embraced it. He also makes very convincing argument to the skeptical. I also liked the Iranian boys from Shiraz who fled to Turkey fearing persecution at home. There was sense of empathy and love for their loved ones, typically their moms, which was very well portrayed.

This movie has won acclaims from some International film festivals worldwide.

In my opinion, I believe the ability to believe and practice religion is open to everyone. I don’t need to be told by the Popes,  Imams or the Shankaracharyas  on how to lead and believe in a faith that I am free to interpret myself. If we all started looking at the way these “experts” viewed morality, aren’t we  disgracing the same God who gave us the sixth sense to think and interpret?

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