MSN’s Poorly Written Article Calls Bollywood Gay Movies : Very Disturbing!

Not sure what to make of this poorly written article on!

Click the link below to read :
“When Bollywood gives us those ones”

Is the article trying to showcase Bollywood movies with unconventional themes or calling out movies with “unacceptable” themes that passed the Censor board?

Showcasing movies with themes of “Lesbian Acts” (Girlfriend) and “Gay Love” (Dostana) along with movies that had “Violent rape scenes”, “Incest”, “Mindless Violence” is not very sane!

The Introduction says :

Now, we know that the Censors can turn a blind eye when they want to, but over the years, the Indian audience has surprisingly sat through and accepted some very disturbing revelations in Bollywood films. We wonder why.”


Huh? “Gay Love” and “Lesbian Act” are Very disturbing revelations?
May be our honorable health minister, Gulam Nabi Azad wrote this one!

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