Mumbai Monologues : A Thousand Unsaid Words.


Agaram Productions Presents #MumbaiMonologues @ TAPAC. 12 – 16 February as part of the Auckland PRIDE Festival 2014. 

DIRECTED BY Ahi Karunaharan & Padma Akula

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Mumbai Monologues – A thousand unsaid words

An evening of eclectic stories about the colourful people that live in the city of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. ‘Mumbai Monologues’ is a brand spanking new show by Agaram Productions that bought you last years South Asian Writers festival.

As part of the Auckland Pride Festival and in partnership with Queer @ TAPAC,
‘Mumbai Monologues’ brings together some extraordinary stories about ordinary
lives in Mumbai and presents them alongside original songs by Indian born New Zealander, Singer and Songwriter by Sayanti Chatterjee (Rudali 2013) and original compositions by Kim Gruebner (Indi Star) who toured Australia as a professional violinist for 10 years.

From stories of loss, to new found experiences, dating, falling in love,confessions to declarations, ‘Mumbai Monologues’ is a celebration of the various stories inspired by Mumbai, peeking into a world and it’s people that we often do not hear or see on our stages.

Agaram Productions is an international production house specializing in the development and creation of new work from New Zealand’s diverse voices and the presentation of these works to New Zealand and to the world beyond. Agaram Productions is committed to supporting and employing local, national and international artists with a point of difference and offering entertainment of the highest quality.

Mumbai Monologues is directed by Ahi Karunaharan and Padma Akula. Written by Stephanie Georgepoulis, Gyan Prakash, Anita Crisnel, Sananda Chatterjee and Poorna Prakash

Featuring: Aman bajaj (Simply Frank), Anya Banerjee (Rudali), Raj Singh (Balti Kings) ,Monica Mahendru (Short and Sweet), Nona Shedde (Culture Clash), Prateek Vadgaonkar, Tina Pan, Anita Crisnel (Spartacus). Accompanied by Sayanti Chatterjee, Kim Gruebner and Marie M Bagley

Performed at TAPAC, 100 Motions Road, Wed 12 February – Sunday 16 February.


TAPAC Box Office: 09 845 0295

***The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own – Sonder. At the crux of #MumbaiMonologues

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