Nagrik Nukkad (Citizenship Café) : Panel Discussion

Celebrating Mumbai Pride 2014!

What is it: A two-hour long discussion that makes you a more empowered citizen of India, using the Preamble of the Indian Constitution as a core document, which details your rights and duties and the State’s responsibility towards you. The Nukkad is a space for dialogue on what it means to be an Indian citizen – irrespective of your sexuality – and provides, in very real terms, an understanding of just how valuable you are to your country.

Who are We, The People: For the last six years, We, the People – a collective committed to educating people about that sterling text, the Constitution of India – has been celebrating November 26 as ‘Constitution Day’. Each year, from November 26 to January 26, they hold a national campaign called Constitution Connect, in order to create awareness of what it means to be a citizen – not simply because you are born/naturalized into this country, but because of the values enshrined in the Constitution of India. In the past two months already, 23 Nukkads have been held across 12 locations across India, and over 800 people from all walks of life have been part of this.

Why this matters: Queer Ink is proud to collaborate with We, The People to spark this conversation to empower the queer community of India. The recent Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 affects our constitutionally guaranteed rights to privacy, expression and equality, and left many of us with a disempowering sense of dejection and fear. It’s time we reclaim our dignity and awaken to just what exactly do the words, Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, mean to us on a real, everyday basis. Let’s discover the roles we play. Let’s get a sense of our power and its chummy accompaniment, duty.

Who can attend: Everybody. Parents, siblings, queer folk, straight folk, youngsters, old people. Everyone who wishes to feel empowered is welcome.

How much will it cost: At one level – everything. Your life’s at stake here. But if you’re talking about money, then there’s no charge. The workshop is free.

What’s the catch: You’re a smart one, and that’s why you need to be here. Mail us/ call us quickly because the workshop can only accommodate 25 people.

What do you bring along: Hope, and perhaps a lollipop for your facilitators

Date : Wednesday, 15th Jan 2014

Time : 7-9PM

RSVP: or call us at 022-65146967

Where: 403, Morya Landmark II, Opp Infinity Mall, Andheri West. (At the large Infinity Mall signal, turn right if you’re coming from Juhu side, or left, if you’re approaching from Goregaon/Malad)

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