Pep Talk For Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

Dear Gurudev,

Firstly, a big thanks for stepping up and offering your support. Of all the new age gurus and spiritual mentors – You are the only one who has said out loud “Homosexuality is not a crime”.

But I’m wondering why you said what you said in this talk!

Why bother with a “why” in the first place? Why blame the masculine and feminine essence of our very existence for such “tendencies”? And even if I were to give it another deep thought – Would it not be more of a gender identity confusion if women were to exclusively use their Masculine energy and men were comfortable using their Feminine energy?

The arrogant part of me wished you would have just made sex and sexuality transient. Nothing but a a minuscule expression in the larger scheme of lives – and hence not worthy of so much debate and fight.

But the hopeful believer in me wishes you’d say “It is so because it is so”. A homosexual is a homosexual because he is so. Because quite honestly Guruji, from where I am standing – I see this realisation at the end of all questioning.

Spiritually Yours.

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