Personal Lubricants : Slip Slop Slap

Lubes. Lubes. Lubes. Yes, they play an active role in my sex life. In fact they are responsible for my active sexual drive. When did I discover them? To be honest, I don’t remember …but it was somewhere during those curious teen years. And no, I am not acting all casanova-ish as that crown proudly rests with Gaysi resident MJ.

lubes My partner and I use (water & silicon based) Lubes on regular bases. And when we disclose this among friends & company, on most occasions we are greeted with shock & bewilderment. Women having sex with other women, use lubricants – really?why? how?

Funny in a time when the ever so resourceful internet is easily accessible on your cheapest mobile handset, we choose to remain so damn ignorant. And so for the betterment of such ignorant readers (be grateful and send some good karma my way), I shall use this space for some valuable Lubee education;

Yes personal lubricants are used by MSF, MSM & WSW

No it could be used even when friction during sex is not an issue

Yes it’s an effective Oral Sex tool **think fun **

Yes lubes are a must when using sex-toys

Yes experimenting can lead to surprise benefits, so don’t be a lazy puss

Now that I have you hooked, I insist you read this before you (& partner) set out on your Lubes adventure

Lastly (and this is from personal experience) since we are not spoilt in terms of choices, you could give a try to Durex Play Sensations, a pack on 10 assorted lubes. It’s affordable (Priced @ Rs. 200) and is easily available online and offline.

Oh yeah before I sign off, if you consider yourself a Pro in this department, how about enlightening us with your expertise haan?

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