Pink Rupee Nights with DJ Wilbur

SalvationStar & Time Out Mumbai welcomes DJ Wilbur (resident DJ of Hi Lounge) to come and spin his magic once again with his brand of the hottest music from around the world. Dance the night away to his legendary music mixes ranging from Nu-Disco / Electro-Pop / Bollywood /Tribal-House and the hottest GAY GROOVES from some of the most happening gay clubs in Europe.

So common and get into your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate a brand new season with SalvationStar & Time Out Mumbai

Date : 15th January, 2011

Time : 9.30PM to 1.30AM

Venue : Twister Lounge and Bar, 3rd Road, Next to Khar West Railway Station, Khar West, Mumbai.

Cover Charge : Rs 500/-per head *All Inclusive*


For more details you can log on to,

*Rights Of Admission Reserved
*Age ID and Alcohol Permits required
*You have to be 21yrs of age and above to attend this event

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