Prayatna Pune 1st Anniversary Special Meet

Date: Sunday, Oct 16th
Time: 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: B-301, Kanchanjunga building, Kanchan lane*, off Law College road, Pune

via Omkar:
Prayatna is a Pune based Gay support group. On this first anniversary meet, Prayatna seeks to address the issue of Gay Relationships in detail. Gay couples and single Gay men can talk about their lives and share their experiences. There will be a cake-cutting at the beginning to celebrate the anniversary and also a small discussion about the journey so far, as well as plans for the coming year. All are welcome!

* Kanchan lane is the lane between Barrista & Krishna Dining Hall on law college road. Kanchanjunga bldg is almost at the end of the lane ( 3rd last building) on the left.

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