Press Conference : Rajasthan Police Brutality Against Hijra Community

PUCL Rajasthan and Voices Against 377 are calling a press conference
in Delhi on Thursday, September 11 to bring attention to repeated
extortion, physical and sexual violence against a group of hijra women
at the hands of the Ajmer police. There is a cover up underway by
Rajasthan Police in a case of custodial gang rape against one of them,
Nagma. Despite the filing of an FIR, medical examination confirming
grievous injuries and the intervention of activist organisations like
PUCL, persistent attempts are being made to hush-up the case,
intimidate the complainants through physical violence and protect the
accused policemen. Particularly in light of the recent Supreme Court
judgment on protecting transgender and hijra rights, immediate
attention of authorities and wider public is needed on on-going
violence against hijra and transgender people and the impunity enjoyed
by their offenders.

Nagma and Zoya themselves,(*names changed) and representatives of
People’s Union of Civil Liberties, Rajasthan and Voices Against 377
will address the media.

We request you all to join us and raise issues of ongoing, every day
cases of violence against women and trans* persons.

Thursday, September 11th

Indian Women’s Press Corps
5 Windsor Place,
Ashoka Road (roundabout with Janpath)

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