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Welcome to the Pride month folks. It’s that time of the year to be out in full regalia and to be waving our flags marching down the road with absolute pride.

We have a good mix of spicy, sad and some so and so news. Sooo, let’s start talking about the two Portuguese women who married earlier this month. Who the heck cares about Portugal right? Yeah I thought about it too.  But this one’s different and awesome. A dyke marriage folks! Let’s give a BIG shout out to the awesome ladies to be the first lesbian couple who were wedded at Lisbon [Link]. Lucky Portugal, at least they don’t have the Mormons to spoil it for them with a Prop 8. I wonder what it feels like at Vatican – being bitch slapped by old colonial catholic countries like Spain and Portugal and needing to deal with the scandals of pedophilia emerging across their churches.

I wonder why they never publish a picture with them kissing, hmmm! Anyhoo they look super cute and happy!

And now to another awesome news….

Gone will be the days of the awful look and the embarrassing handling of trans folks by the Immigration and airport authorities [Link] . Imagine what it could be like if the officer whom you are dealing with is not even trained in diversity?  That’s a total  nightmare. Anyways, this is great news because it removes the objectification of trans folks to be surgically altered for them to be recognized. Finally there is some respect for personal choice. Frankly, I have never understood why the Government give a F#$% about some one’s Sex or Gender? This is as crappy as asking for some one’s caste, religion, etc.. If some one asks me about “sex?” – I would rather like to answer them with a “yes” or “no”, or may be with an occasional “not now but another time” 😉 option.

Related to this, France is about the only country on this planet to remove Gender Dysphoria from the mental illness category  [Link]. To provide some context, homophobia was removed from the list a couple decades back from the WHO’s list. But Gender Dysphoria still continues to exist.

Keep your fingers crossed…

Closing arguments to the Prop 8 case is on this week. This can be a big win if it goes in our favor. [Link] It kind of sucks that the Mormons were let off with bringing their bigotry all the way down from Utah. What pleasure do they find in not letting people live their lives? It would make more sense if they could spend those efforts in treating their womanhood better and not poke their noses in matters that do not concern them. Bring it on A@#$#%#, the next time we will make sure it passes. And may be the FLDS church needs to provide better sermons on honesty and disclosure [Link].

And finally, for some masala, who would not like a new gay idol, right?[Link]

Have an awesome Pride month my fellow gaysis. Go out and make yourselves visible. Until next time around, sending lots of love your way.

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