Q Fest 2011 in Pune Needs Funds!!

Open Space, Birds of a Feather, The Queer Chronicle and a group of very enthusiastic volunteers worked tirelessly for 3 months to create Pune’s first queer film festival, The Q Fest’10. The festival was attended by over 400 people on both days.

Given the success of last year’s festival Q Fest’11 is widening its range to include not only films from Europe and South East Asia, but is also looking at contemporary writers from within the sub-continent, poets, photographers and film makers.

This year’s theme is Being Seen Being Heard, understanding the LGBT community in public spaces, how we engage with social change and development, how we as part of a community can contribute to that change, and how the ripple effects of that change can alter much of how we see ourselves.

Watch our Facebook page for updates on the exact dates and itinerary of the film festival!!!

There are several ways you can support the Q Fest 2011:

Send in your support through advertising:

The Q Fest publishes a booklet with the programs, film schedule, essays, and images from our photography competition. This booklet reaches over 500 people at the festival alone and another 200 to our supporters worldwide.

You can advertise with us:

Front cover (back): Rs. 4,500

Back cover (back): Rs. 3,500

Half page: Rs. 1,500

Quarter page: Rs. 1,000

Alternatively you can send in your donations by cheque to CCDS (Center for Communication & Development Studies). No amount is too small!

All donations by cheque are exempt of tax under the ATG Act 1961.

Please get in touch with us at theqfest@gmail.com

Please also refer to our Facebook page for photographs, news coverage and films: https://www.facebook.com/TheQfestPune


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