QI Book Club: Poetry with Arundhathi Subramaniam

We had taken a short break after one session with Kari.

Now, the next session of the club is on for the 20th of May. But we’re not going back to Kari just yet. Why, you ask?

Because, as a special interlude, we have invited poet Arundhathi Subramaniam to hold a poetry session with the Queer Ink book club. She will read out some of her poems to us, and later, discuss what it takes to write poetry, and how sometimes, beautiful thoughts don’t need novels or stories, but stanzas and lines, to find expression. So all you poetry lovers and readers out there, do drop by for a lovely Sunday afternoon filled with poetry and chai.

I first met Arundhathi at an event organised by SPARROW, an organisation run by Tamil author Ambai,which had just come out with a book on translated folk stories written and told by women.
There, Arundhathi had read out a poem she had written, and I was enthralled.

Arundhathi has a gift to make every word count. In a form that only allows so many words, her choice of words and precision of feeling has awed readers around the country and globe.

Arundhathi has written three books of poetry – On Cleaning Bookshelves and Where I Live. Her third book is also titled Where I Live, but has a new selection.Her work has been translated into Hindi, Tamil, Italian and Spanish and used in several anthologies. In 2005, she co-edited an anthology of contemporary Indian love poetry in English, called Confronting Love. I’m really excited about having her at Queer Ink. Please spread the word and see you on the 20th!

Date : Sunday, 20th May 2012

Time : 12PM-2PM

Email ‘events@queer-ink.com’ to rsvp and for venue details.

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