Queer & Allies Art Festival (QAAF) Pune 2016

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QAAF is organized by an online group of individuals working under the title MIST, hence it relies completely on donations in order to bring QAAF’s vision to five new cities across country. Together, you, me, queer and straight artists alike, can come together in solidarity to dialogue about sexuality, diversity and rights, and your contribution will make this all possible.

Founded in 2015 by MIST, an online collective of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists from all over India, the Queer and Ally Art Festival (QAAF) brings together artists, craftspeople, and performers from all over India in a single event that demonstrates the talent and artistry of India’s LGBTQ community and its allies.
The one-day festival puts together performances, films, and art installations scheduled Sunday, 28th August from 12 PM till 9 PM. After which people can relax and enjoy the beverages available at the venue and get time to socialize.

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