Queer Art Meet

GB’s annual Queer Art Meet is where you draw and paint with other gay folks – you can unleash your inner artist and share a creative space with other LGBT participants. We will provide art materials but you can bring your own too – and you create the art!


Unfortunately we cannot accommodate more than 25 persons. This is because we would like each person to have adequate space to create their artwork.

1) Register by sending an email with your complete name, telephone number and preferred contact email address to:
s4list@yahoo.com with “Registration for Queer Art Meet 2013” in the subject line.
To ensure the safety of the host and participants, we do require your REAL name, telephone # and email id for registration. However this will not be shared by us with anyone apart from the organizers.

2) You will receive a confirmatory email by August 7, 2013 11 p.m. about your participation. This email will also contain logistical details about the exact location as well as answers to any questions you may have.

Rights of Admission Reserved and
It’s a www.gaymumbai.org event

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